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'Marvel's Cloak and Dagger' gets glowing reviews ahead of its premiere + the cast visits Disneyland


Cloak & Dagger understands something that many other superhero TV shows, or other TV shows in general, sometimes never get: the deepest, most urgent drama doesn't come from external conflict, but from the complex and infinite emotional context of a human life. @DenOfGeek

You won’t find a more gently realized, naturalistically performed, and moodily moving meta-human saga anywhere else on the dial. Nary a trace of camp is to be found, nor does it fall into the trap of fanatical self-seriousness. It’s a calm, dreamlike, blissfully tender take on the holes within us — be they caused by systemic injustice, familial collapse, self-medication, or any number of other supervillains — that no amount of radioactive mutation can fill. @Vulture

Where Cloak & Dagger really excels is in its ability to pay equal attention to the fantastical elements behind these powers, and the real situations facing our country. Issues like racial tension, social anxiety, bullying, police brutality, loss, homelessness -- all of these are tackled head first, putting Cloak & Dagger right alongside Black Lightning in terms of taking an exciting premise and inserting it flawlessly into the terrifying reality that so many of our young people face today. It's a remarkable blend of two very different worlds. @ComicBook

Cloak & Dagger’s debut episodes aren’t perfect, but the show is well cast from Holt and Joseph to supporting characters like Gloria Rueben as Tyrone’s mother Adina and Emma Lahana as a very intense, suspiciously quiet detective. Though the premiere leans a little more on telling rather than showing its New Orleans setting, Pokaski and Prince-Bythewood have a clear vision for what kind of story they want to tell and, together with two impressive young leads in Joseph and Holt, manage to deliver a gritty, grounded Marvel show that feels more authentic than any of its previous offerings. @Newsarama

Through its initial four episodes, the real star of Cloak & Dagger is the structure and editing and overall environment more than any individual actor. Every role has considerable potential, as does the show's superhero setup. @THR

The actors are compelling and the writing is tight enough to make the show addictive, even if the first couple of episodes feel a bit like grim porn you have to slog through. @TheDailyBeast

Cloak & Dagger works because it embraces the constant turmoil of growing up. Strip away the super powers and this is a solid story about struggling through life as a young adult, which should appeal to Freeform's core audience, along with loyal Marvel fans who were charmed by the teen drama of Runaways and Spider-Man: Homecoming. @IGN

Not many shows intricately explore these traumas experienced at the pre-verbal stage and how they develop over the course of a decade, subsequently ditching the all-too-popular reaction to death and zooming in on the intense psychological isolation that sneaks up during impressionable years. Peaking at a point where to endure is simply unmanageable, Cloak & Dagger is a harrowing story about the limits of the human breaking point. @Newsweek

It’s the first Marvel outing on the millennial-focused Freeform, and that sensibility shows. It follows in the footsteps of Black Panther and Jessica Jones (with which it shares writers) to address pertinent social issues under the veneer of a superpowered narrative. The show is about race, class, police violence, corruption, and even faith, with the superhero stuff as window dressing. That’s both the strength and weakness of the show. @TheMarySue

The casting directors did a superb job with Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph in the titular roles. Holt, a former Disney Channel star, and relative newcomer Joseph have outstanding chemistry together onscreen and hold their own in solo scenes. In this breakout role, Joseph brings a multi-layered portrayal to our soon-to-be hero who is sure to resonate with viewers. They aren’t the only two who deliver. The entire cast is impressive, especially Gloria Reuben as Tyrone’s mother who elevates each scene like the seasoned pro she is. @ShadowAndAct


Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt at Disneyland

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