ONTD Original: Celebs who read OhNoTheyDidn't

Even if years have passed and Livejournal is almost dead, ONTD has managed to survive and it actually has a few famous readers. Here's a look. (Click the names for receipts.)

01. Ryan Phillippe
Remember that one time Ryan Phillippe was looking for thristy comments about him on ONTD?

02. Schatar Sapphira
Beyonce doppelgänger Schatar Sapphira took notice of us by tweeting and Instagramming a post we did about her discussing her new cooking show, out on Amazon Prime.

03. Eli Roth #BlueberriesForever
Former ONTD Boyfriend Eli Roth, not only did he used to read ONTD, he had some ~sexual encounters~ with some
ONTD members... through PMs only tho. Sexy pics were exchanged. It was messy. #BlueberriesForever

04. Matilda
Mara Wilson herself name dropped us proving that she reads her own posts on ONTD. She also had some rough words for us.

"I think I just don't get ONTD. I guess it's a place where people who otherwise consider themselves feminists can shit on another woman's appearance without guilt. They like to say I have a "feud" with them, but really I just when off on one of their members for linking me to an article about me... ...Where all the comments were about me being ugly. NO ONE wants to see that" (She truly is an ONTDer!)

05. Oprah
The queen herself mentioned to O magazine that she loves to troll read ONTD, and she especially loved our deceased Peen Posts and Creepy Pastas.

06. George Stults
Some random who's biggest credit was white christian blonde guy from '7th heaven' posted some screenshots of ONTD post exposing Kevin Spacey.

George, if you're reading this, say hi in the comments!!!!

07. Kevin McHale
Former Glee star and recently out homosexual Kevin McHale is an ONTD addict. He revealed to AdWeek that he's obsessed with us.

Before bed, do you: Bite into a novel; graze on Twitter; or fast until morning?
This is why I don’t sleep: I take my computer to bed, and I troll Twitter and Facebook and all types of blogs. I’m slightly obsessed with Oh No They Didn’t!, which is a big gossip blog.

Also, dead @ the comments in that post. We called it in 2011.

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Time to come clean ONTD, which celeb are you IRL?