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ONTD Latino Original: A guide to watch Luis Miguel: La Serie

Hola ONTD!

The best Netflix show you're not watching is Luis Miguel: La Serie
A riveting (mostly) historical account of the life of Luis Miguel and his rise to fame in Latin America. It's beautifully shot tv, it's framed and staged with great care, all with genuine singers singing in reality. The actors are great, the music is AMAZING because it features the very best of Luis Miguel's iconic hits from the 80's. It features Diego Boneta, of Rock of Ages (non)fame, who went to great lengths to prepare and channel El Sol.

To enhance your enjoyment of Luis Miguel: La Serie, you probably need a guide of Mexico's celebrities and their trashy stories.
So I'm here to provide it, y'all!

Luis Miguel and his friends

On his early years of teen throb, Luis Miguel and his trashy friends were the original Entourage. His friends later went on to be total flops in Mexico cause their biggest accomplishment was like, Celebrity Big Brother. People also say that Luis Miguel abandoned his friends when he got bigger/richer but whatisthetruth.gif

Here are portrayed El Burro Van Rankin, Miguel Aleman and Roberto Palazuelos. Allegedly, Miguel is the only one still friends with Luis Miguel and one of the people who convinced him to let the show portray his life.


A frenemy of Luis Miguel was Academy Award Winner Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu. Outside of Mexico (cause lmao even I didn't know this), he got his start as a radio host who had a popular show in the 80's titled. The show implies that Luis Miguel and his girlfriend circa 87-88 Mariana Yazbek broke up because she was seeing her ex again: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu! Subsequently, Luis Miguel would record Culpable o No in relation to his break up with Mariana.

He is pictured here with Luis Miguel's other flop friend Burro, because they worked together at the same station around the time of all this draaaaaama.

Luis Miguel and his girlfriends

So, Luis Miguel is said to have had around 40 gfs that were "famous". Idk if that's true and I didn't fact check it because Patty Chapoy doesn't have a dedicated wiki about this (she should tbh). But the show is expected to feature a number of them.

On the show so far, we have seen Mariana and Sophie. Mariana appears for far longer and their relationship is much more explained but Sophie is actually code for Stephanie Salas. Stephanie is a Mexican D lister whose claim to fame was that her much more famous cousin, Alejandra Guzman was an icon of Mexican pop. Stephanie is the mother of Luis Miguel's firstborn Michelle Salas. Luis Miguel ignored her for a long ass time and only recognized her as his daughter in like 2009. Trash.

Pictured: Stephanie on the show aka "Sophie" and then below, Stephanie IRL with their daughter Michelle.


Stephanie Salas is angry these days, claiming the show misrepresents her and is chronologically incorrect, because her daughter had been born when Luis Miguel was with Mariana. But sis can't math because I'm math challenged and I figured this out:

-Luis Miguel was with Mariana from 1987, when she was the girl on his video of Cuando Calienta el Sol
-Yuri's wedding, the one Luis Miguel attends with Mariana was in January 1988.
-The album Busca Una Mujer where a Mariana inspired song, Culpable o No is featured, was released in November 1988.
-Michelle was not born until June 1989.


Luis Miguel and his parents

For many years, Mexican news outlets have reported and discussed the case of Luis Miguel's mother, who disappeared in the late 80's. She hasn't been heard of since, and Luis Miguel has said on multiple occasions that he doesn't know what happened to his mother.

Pictured here, Luis Miguel as a bb with his mother and actress Anna Favella who portrays her on the show:

On some of those investigative reportings by one or other Mexican outlet, guests have often speculated that Luis Miguel's awful, controlling and lying father killed his mother. But we won't know if this is addressed on the show for a few more episodes. What's certain is that everyone watching hates Luisito Rey and with good reason as the show portrays him like the ugly human he was.

Pictured here, Luisito Rey irl and actor Oscar Jaenada, who portrays him:

Luisito Rey was pretty much a flop in the 80's when he realized his son was a better singer and should be a star. He was a controlling jerk and stole, lied, tricked people and manipulated the image of his son. Luis Miguel fired him from all his businesses in the late 80's and the show is in the process of exploring the full extent of his awfulness.

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A new episode of Luis Miguel: La Serie hits Netflix every Sunday night at around 10 pm EST. TUNE IN TO LUIS MIGUEL LA SERIE PLEASE IT'S SO ICONIC
Also share your fav Luismi song thanks

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