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BTS "Love Yourself: Tear" Interviews + Billboard Red Carpet Interviews

Jin's dad jokes & puns have been rubbing off on Namjoon.
Tae & Puppy is the cutest thing ever.
Their reaction to Jin's handsome face comment is hilarious LOL.
Jhope is adorable as always.

Jin being Jin, Jimin checking out the interviewer, Yoongi says he likes his fingers and Jungkook says he loves his thighs. Jin saying finger is cute af and then tells Namjoon he loves his sexy brain.

Tae's english is so good! (Also does a sassy hair flip). Jin being Jin. Get asked what the next step is and Yoongi said grammy.

Play a game where they have to sing a song of the Artist that the interviewer is holding, J-Hope dances Single ladies.

Namjoon says in the past year Tae's hair is longer, JK has been working out, Jin's face is still handsome, and Jimin is still Jimin. Talk about how long they've lived together and how one of them can sigh and they would know who it is. J-Hope imitates Desiigner.

Talk about John Cena being a part of the BTS ARMY. Asks hobi about his mixtape and if Jin will be acting soon. Talk about Burn The Stage series. Talk about their biggest motivations in their lives.

Say where they go shopping, Natasha asks what their skin care routine is and Jin lets her touch his face. One of the guys gets in the middle and starts dancing, Jimin laughs at his exposed buttcrack.

Ask Backstreet Boys the secret to their many years of success.

00:42 Kalen asks BTS how to say "Snatching Wigs" in korean.

Get asked which other kpop group they think would break through (some k-armys said RM told J-hope "be careful" right before he answered.)

Their english has gotten so good! Everytime Yoongi talks I melt. Jin has bias wrecked me so much as well as Namjoon BUT Jungkook definitely did when he flashed his abs to all of America. God bless.

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