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Tucker Carlson beefing with the city of West Hollywood over Stormy Daniels Day

Yesterday Porn Star Daniels, made an appearance at West Hollywood's Chi Chi LaRue’s and received a key to the city for being a "profile in courage by speaking truth to power." May 23 is officially Stormy Daniels day in my beloved city of Weho.
“(The) Trump administration has been a direct threat to the people of the city of West Hollywood - our LGBTQ community, our immigrant community, women here in this community - so Stormy Daniels has really showed up as the woman to save the Republic,” West Hollywood Mayor John Duran said about Stormy Daniels. Now facist propaganda network correspondent Fucker Carlson has his bow in a twist. "A straight woman who said she had a voluntary sexual encounter with a straight man is somehow a symbol of LGBT resistance?" Fucker said. Mind you Trump made no confirmation on the truth of this affair. Trump's lawyer Rudy Fuckiani confessed that his client paid off for Stormy's silence. MESST!111!!!


see all of you at Flaming Saddles!
Tags: donald trump, lgbtq / rights, news / news anchors

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