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The end of the PlayStation 4's life cycle is here

The CEO of Sony's PlayStation division stated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle. This upcoming November will be the console's 5th anniversary.

The console continues selling well, projected to move 16 million units this current fiscal year. CEO John Kodera says Sony will crouch down for the next three fiscals years (ending in March 2021), focusing more on user growth and engagement through PS Plus subscribers and other software, hoping that these services will be built up enough to outweigh declining hardware sales.

That said, lifecycles between consoles have been growing over time, with a 7-year gap between the release of the PS3 and PS4. And with the PS4 Pro only being a year and a half old, the console isn't going anywhere. So don't expect the PS5 announcement anytime soon. Kodera stated it's at least another three years away.

Sony has sold close to 80 million PS4 consoles worldwide.


are you ready for the ps5, ontd? also what are you playing now/looking forward to playing next, etc?
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