badtz m (badtz_m) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
badtz m

PRETTYMUCH - "Mind of Poseidon" 🌊

"Would you dive in with me or hesitate?
Don't be afraid. It only gets better from here
Hop in a jacuzzi, cool off in a shower
And drip, until we soak the bed"

Part of their special tour "prettypack" where certain fans can get exclusive content, PRETTYMUCH strikes again with the exclusive #sosadsosexy bop "Mind of Poseidon".
The og link description of the song credits lead member (and the guy present in these gifs) Brandon Arreaga as sole writer and producer - ugh, his MIND!

What does OP think?:

sfhbskjdfhsbdkfjshdbfksjhb this song is so good and already one of my top favs along with OMW. They're transitioning well into contemporary sounds since being 90's boyband tributes with WYM and Open Arms. I can't @ them out doing themselves with each release, TALENTED creators and PERFORMERS. YAS @ Zion being second lead vocal, KING. I'm GAGGING @ A*stin not getting any solo parts, rightfully so - KICK HIM OUT

Tags: music / musician, music / musician (pop), new music post, nobody

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