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AMC's #TheTerror: finale discussion, Paul Ready interviewed, and will there be a Season 2?

This post will obviously contain spoilers, you have been warned!
The Finale

Co-showrunners Soo Hugh and David Kajganich were interviewed to discuss the finale.

  • They discuss the chains found on Edward Little's face, which has perplexed fans: That was based on actual Inuit testimony from a Netsilik woman and her son who discovered a camp and a man pierced with chains on his face. Kajganich says that scene was one of the "little ambiguity bombs we threw at the audience, hoping they would enjoy the, just, the question rather than an answer."

  • On character favorites: Hugh says everyone loved Goodsir (OP note: of course). They also talk about how awesome the cast was, in general, especially Ciarán Hinds.

  • They talk about how characters like Hickey "stepped from a high adventure story into a horror story" and how they hoped to have succeeded in not having Hickey be a stereotypical villain.

  • They talk about the Tuunbaq's face, which the interviewer says is a metaphor for the evil within, and the Tuunbaq's death. (Hickey's impact!)

  • Hugh and Kajganich also discuss how their adaptation differs from the book, particularly regarding Lady Silence ("we wanted to try to take on the Netsilik characters in the show more on their own terms than having them strictly be subservient to the stories of the white characters").

  • The topic of the Suspiria remake and the clip shown at CinemaCon is briefly discussed. Kajganich, who wrote the script, says Suspiria is a "crazy, crazy piece of cinema."

Paul Ready interviewed for Vanity Fair

Karen Han interviewed Paul Ready, who played Goodsir. Some highlights from the interview:

  • Ready says that for Goodsir, it was people who let him down.

  • On the images shown during Goodsir's death: "One of his dreams in life would be to be that person who recorded nature, and the beauty of it."

  • Goodsir's body that's laid on the table was a prop and not CGI. To do this, Ready had to have a mold made of his entire body. He says that he would have liked to keep the mold of himself, "except it was a bit creepy."

  • They also discuss his muttonchops and the transformation of his character over the season.

Season 2?

  • As of this post, AMC hasn't renewed it yet.

  • Co-showrunner Soo Hugh has said, "When AMC greenlit the show now almost three years ago, they greenlit it as an anthology show." If it does return, the second season would be unrelated.

  • (Unfortunately?) Soo Hugh and series creator David Kajganich would not return for the second season.

Kind of random, but Joyce Carol Oates tweeted about the finale:
She's also retweeted articles about the show.

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