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Top 10 (5) Jake and Amy Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

10) Amy admits she likes Jake.
When Jake and Amy go on a work trip, he brings along Sophia (his girlfriend) and surprises Amy by inviting Teddy (her boyfriend). She's mad because she planned to break up with him. Everything falls apart and Teddy says that Amy liked Jake. Even though Jake says that he liked her 'many moons ago', the look on his face clearly shows he still has feelings for her.

8) The Jimmy Jab Games
Jake and Amy love to make bets and this is no exception. While Holt and Terry are out of the precinct, the group participate in a series of games. Jake and Amy are the last ones playing and they go through an obstacle course. Amy wins. We find out later that Jake lost on purpose because he wanted her to win. He admits he's not over her.

6) Mattress Shopping
Amy is in a bad mood because her back hurts from Jake's terrible mattress. He's too stubborn to get a new one until he sees the exact same mattress in the dumpster when he catches a perp. The two go mattress shopping together and do exactly what everybody has always wanted to do in a mattress store: jump on all of them and test the springs. In the end, he buys a new mattress because he wants Amy to be happy.

4) The first time 'I Love You'/'I Love You too' is exchanged.
Jake and Amy go on a cruise together. While most of the episode involves Jake helping his frenemy Doug Judy, the couple finally gets some alone time in the end. While they're dancing, Amy tells Jake that she loves him. He replies in his normal fashion of 'Noice' and 'Smort' but then tells her he loves her back.

1) Jake and Amy's wedding.
This one is pretty self-explanatory. The latest season finale involved Jake and Amy on their wedding day. Many things go wrong, including a bomb threat, but the last five minutes of the episode are so lovely that you can't help but smile. Their vows towards each other are a prime example of how well they work as a couple.


Favorite Jake and Amy moment? Favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine moment?
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