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The Flash Season 4 Finale: Mystery Girl Revealed, Season 5 Spoilers & BTS With The Cast...

(~The Speedster Formerly Known As Dawn~)⚡️💖⚡️💖

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-A tag scene that would have revealed Season 5’s new threat had to be cut for time – we may see it online at some point, or at Comic Con.
-Dawn/Nora comes back for a specific reason, to see her parents and meet the team, but specifically four times she chose to come back are meaningful in that they’ll play into the mistake she made and the consequences.
-She comes from 30 years in the future, hence why she avoided Iris and was cold to Caitlin, things happen.
-Next season we’ll see the relationship between Barry, Iris and Nora.
-A big theme next season will be FAMILY.
-Harry has left, but there will be a new Wells (yes... Another one... don’t @ me, FlashFam, I don’t control TomCav! I wish!) – Todd Helbing said he talked to Tom quite a bit about it, and they landed on a “pretty fun and interesting new Wells to join the team”. May the Good & Noble Gods of Earth-2 save us all.
-Unfortunately Ralph will still be part of next season, that was Helbing’s truly evil plan all along.
-All other Bus Metas are unfortunately dead, RIP.

daninicolet Late night, punch drunk, finalè shenanigans with some of my favorite people @candicekp @dpanabaker @cavanaghtom and #TheLos - #TheFlash #LoveTheseCrazyPeeps

daninicolet Working late is way better with @candicekp 🤗... #SeasonFinale

kimengelbrecht Very few ladies can carry a show with strength and grace . You my dear do it easily .... ❤️ Thanks for the Ride and the super fight scenes ! #FlashFinalé #theflash All new flash tonight @cwtheflash @candicekp

daninicolet Portrait of a late night at work with @grantgust & @kimengelbrecht - can't wait for tomorrow night's episode! Countdown to the season finalé is on! #TheFlash #LoveTheseTwo

daninicolet Villains need love too! Love me some @kimengelbrecht #TheFlash

realsandilands The calm before the storm. What a pleasure to work with these cats. Happy Flashday wherever you are. It’s coming for you. And you too. @grantgust @cwtheflash @thecw @hartleysawyer @kimengelbrecht @cavanaghtom @candicekp @daninicolet and that other dude with the hair.

candicekp Shooting the season finale had me like... 💀

Sources: EW Twitter, Candice Patton, , Dani Nicolet, 2, 3, 4, Neil Sandilands, Kim Engelbrecht

FINALLY a decent episode this season!!
Thank you for tuning into these Season 4 posts, ONTD FlashFam! Have a lovely summer break!

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