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Brandon Flowers on what's next: “...a sixth Killers record, but damn, I love my last solo record!”

The Killers (well, half of them) continue enjoying their highly successful Wonderful Wonderful Tour around the world as well as touring the Summer music festival circuit. But with two members (Dave Keuning and Mark Stoermer) down and no longer touring, some fans are left to wonder about the future of the band.

• Frontman Brandon Flowers addresses this by saying, “At the end of [previous album] Battle Born we did a month in Asia without Mark so we sort of got a little bit of the feeling of what it would be like. And then we had to do the same thing without Dave for a little while," he laughs aware that it sounds as though the band is falling apart, but stresses that's not the case. “It's not unsettling for me as you might think. My job is to sing. I'm trying to look at the things that are more familiar rather than dwell on the things that are not familiar.”

So what's next? “The plan is for it to be a sixth Killers record, but damn, I love my last solo record! We only toured it for a few months and then…” In 2015, Brandon cancelled a string of shows to care for his wife, Tana, who was suffering from PTSD stemming from childhood trauma. “No, the plan is for it to be another Killers record and we have to figure out how to make it work [for Stoermer and Keuning]. Mark is all over this new record — some of his best bass lines and progressions are on this record and he brings a darkness to our music that doesn't really exist without it.”

• So, there you have it. #TK6 is the plan, but realistically#BF3 is going to happen. More behind the cut.

The Killers performing at Hangout Music Fest 🇺🇸Collapse )

BFlow, if you want that sixth album with your band you know what you're going to have to do...

ONTD, are you rooting for a third solo album or a sixth Killers album?

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