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ONTD Original: Ten of the Worst K-Pop Debut Songs (Groups).

Girl's Day - Tilting My Head

Girl's Day hit the scene in 2010 with Tilting My Head, argubly one of the worst K-Pop debuts ever. Sojin has commented on how embarassing the song was to her at the time. Why was it so embarassing? The neon drenched, overly comical fashion is an assualt on the eyes. The jarring autotune does nothing to showcase the girl's vocals. If you forgot that this was Girl's Day's debut, no one could blame you.

Song you should listen to instead: Something

4Minute - Hot Issue

Hyuna & The Girls came out in 2009 with Hot Issue, another song that assaults you with autotune and bad fashion. The overly cutesy song is catchy enough sure, but once again does nothing to showcase their talent past Hyuna. Early on Cube Entertainment had Jiyoon hide behind a pair of large sunglasses to increase mystique~ Will she take them off? Will she keep them on? (spoiler she takes them off in their next music video).

Song you should listen to instead: Volume Up

Rainbow - Gossip Girl

Bad fashion and abuse of autotune was really rampant during the late 00s and early 10s. Kara's little sister group debuted in 2009 with Gossip Girl. The group had seven members, with stage names representing all seven colors in the rainbow (creative!). Hyunyoung and Seungah's vocals were able to breakthrough, and the song's chorus is pretty catchy. You might even find yourself mouthing along to it in a week. Still, catchy doesn't make up for how lackluster this debut song was.

Song you should listen to instead: Whoo

Stellar - Rocket Girl

Top Class Entertainment spent a lot of money on the music video when they should've invested in a better song. Right from the get go, cringey sing-talk attacks your ears. The song has no direction, the chorus almost sounding like a completely different song. Eric (Shinhwa) stars as the love interest? sorta? and drops in an unnecassary rap break. The song is a mess.

Song you should listen to instead: Crying

9Muses - No Playboy

JYP did them dirty with this song. With Star Empire touting early on that JYP was behind their debut track, people had high expectations. What they got was a snooze. While Sera and Jaekyung's vocals make up for a lot, the song is simply bland. Despite the girls hard work (watch their documentary on youtube!), nothing could make up for dull choreography and a bad song.

Song you should listen to instead: Literally any other song besides this one (Glue, Dolls, Figaro, Gun, etc).

F.cuz - Jiggy

The colorful kneepads were a choice. Especially paired with the fluffy white vests. The second version of the MV (yes, there were two) isn't much better. F.Cuz (pronounced as "focus") burst out onto the scene with this colorful pop song. Boy groups weren't immune to the overuse of autotune trend back in 2010. The song is pretty catchy but the lyrics, autotune and the bad fashion choices prevented it from being a hit. Neither debut MV is uploaded to their offical Youtube channel.

Song you should listen to instead: If you must- Midnight Sun

ZE:A - Mazeltov

I don't even know where to start with this one. The lyrics? ("Latin girl, Mexican girl, Korean girl, Japan girl"). The outfits? The autotune? The overly dark music video where you can barely see their faces? Nothing seems to go together. What was Star Empire thinking when they had ZE:A debut in 2010 with this? This was just a laughably bad debut all around.

Song you should listen to instead: Breathe

B2ST/BEAST/Highlight - Bad Girl

Once again, bad autotune (why even have Hyunseung hit a high note if it's going to be covered in autotune?). Bad fashion (what the hell is Kikwang wearing? and the hand on Yoseob's hat...) The song is cute and relatively catchy with it's chorus but there was a reason why MBLAQ was a smidge more popular back when the two went head-to-head in 2009. Although B2ST/BEAST/Highlight did end up winning in the end.

Song you should listen to instead:

Block B - Freeze/Don't Move

Cho PD (of constantly bad mouthing Exo fame) put forth this boy group in 2011. Freeze/Don't Move was quickly banned for sexy lyrics. Thus saving some kids from a boring song and a music video that features a whole lot of standing around cars (and not much else).

Song to listen to instead: n/a

Pentagon - Gorilla

A song equating your attraction towards a girl to that of a male gorilla beating its chest is the way to start your career. The gorilla like choreography really ties it all together and standing around in a vine covered cage invokes powerful imagery (this is sarcasm). Cube has had a bad run of debut songs (see B2ST and 4Minute, above). Pentagon is new to the scene, debuting in 2016 but Gorilla has already found a spot as one of the worst K-Pop debuts. Not even Hui and Jinho's vocals could save it.

Song to listen to instead: Shine

Which group had a really bad debut song?

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