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Katy Perry buys beer for entire crowd at benefit concert and everyone leaves to go to the bar

On Saturday, Katy Perry held a show in Santa Barbara to raise money for wildfire and mudslide relief in the area. The concert benefitted the 805Undocufund, the 93018 foundation, and the Santa Barbara fund.

At one point in the show with Left Shark lurking in the background, Katy announced that she was buying drinks for everyone and the crowd decided it was time to head to the bar:
"I'm just gonna executive decision this. I'd like for all the beers to be on me tonight. Hey guys, look at this guy, he just left his seat, he's like 'I'm out, I'm going'. Hey Svend, Svend make sure everyone can drink on me. All the beers."
She then points at a child:
"Shirley temples for you. But hold on, you guys, It's a good show. Don't, I mean it's gonna be fun, don't leave, everyone's leaving, okay."

Oprah filmed a segment for the Bucket Brigade volunteers who've been digging through the mud.

Tags: charity, food / food industry, katy perry, oprah

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