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Comedian & Food Network host Josh Denny: "Straight White Male has become this century's N-Word"

Stand-up comedian and podcaster Josh Denny, who up until last December also hosted Food Network's Ginormous Food, took to Twitter recently to share his thoughts on the persecution of straigt white men:

He then went on to point out that acknowledging privilage is actually the REAL racist behavior
Next he broke out the "what you're doing goes AGAINST what MLK Jr preached so it is YOU who are the racist" move

Josh lets us know that he's not trying to instigate anything, just pondering life's foibles, as he is wont to do
But rather than join him in his intellectual ponderings, offended people are taking his comments out of context:
Kanye was right! But it's OK, because Josh was just trying to Start A Conversation, anyway. Of course, the replies he received merely proved his point that acknowleging white male privilage is what truly divides humanity
Josh lets us know that he Doesn't See Color
Who are you calling "you people"?!?!?!?
Remember, though, we were just Having A Conversation. Also, anything offensive that Josh said was actually a joke (you probably didn't get it)
Generalizations about majority group members are just as harmful and hurtful as generalizations about minorities
So the story has a happy ending! Let's all be good to one another! Everyone deserves love! I'm glad we're having this conversation!


A few Twitter users refused to join the respectful conversation that Josh wanted to have and began asking questions that for some reason Josh was reluctant to answer
The above tweet did provoke a reply from Josh
But the internet detectives weren't done yet!

Dictionary.com sets the record straight once and for all

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