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Buffy The Vampire Slayer series finale 'Chosen' turns 15 today!

-15 years ago on this date BTVS aired their last episode!

-+Buffy and Angel finally reunite on screen for the first time since Joyces death in S5. In the first draft of the script Angel reveals that he had a relationship with Cordelia and that he had a son but was ultimately cut so as to not confuse the audience who didn't watch Angel.

-TheWB would get their last chance to screw the show over by announcing that Spike would be joining Angel for it's 5th season a week before the finale ended and thus making Spikes death lose it's impact.

-Joss wanted to kill a big character during the battle that was sudden and unexpected, since he wouldn't kill the core 4 he chose Anya to die and since Emma Caulfied decided that she was done with the show after S7 regardless, she didn't mind being killed off.

-Joss also stated that he had planned on bringing Tara back to life with The Powers That Be giving Buffy 1 wish but it was scrapped due to Amber Benson being unavailable.

-She was in High School when she read about the character of Faith and going to audition for the role.

-She is amazed by the impact Faith had on people and seeing people cosplay as Faith during Comic-Cons.

-Was amazed and cried while reading Chosen, she loved that it ended with Buffy making every girl a Slayer who had the potential to be a Slayer.

Source: 1 2 + my fanboy knowledge
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