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Phew! Taylor Swift can go back to writing regular songs now.

After Taylor Swift's concert in Pasadena, she told the LA Times backstage:

"This has definitely been my most cathartic album. After I finished it, it was like' — she exhaled heavily — 'now I can write regular songs again.'"

Some other tidbits from the article include:

  • The reporter says she sacrificed a formal education for her career but would earn a PhD for connecting with other humans.

  • "Swift gave a master class in the constructive use of the modern technology that's allowed her to establish and nurture an exceptionally powerful connection with a massive audience."

  • Some fans from the audience are invited backstage each night to meet Taylor in the "rep room."

  • Like during her 1989 tour, Swift hands out wristbands that light up during the concert and make concertgoers feel like they are part of the production.

  • She has been singing a surprise song every night.  So far, she's thrown in "Red," "Wildest Dreams," and "All Too Well."  Also, Shawn Mendes was a surprise guest at her concert last night, but there's no telling whether she will have more surprise guests like during her 1989 tour.

Meanwhile, she has been posting positive reviews of her concerts on her Instagram stories for all to see.

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I guess the old Taylor isn't dead after all... what do you think her next album will sound like?  Will she return to writing songs about bleachers and sneakers and actresses who are better known for what they do on the mattress?
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