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ONTD Original: Today in ONTD history (May 19 edition)

2005 (all)
Olsen twins at "Cinema Against AIDS" Gala 5/19 (pics deleted)
New Avril Lavigne photoshoot! {Caution: May bore you to death} (pics deleted)

honorable mention from May 18: a story about hayden - why OP hates Hayden Christensen, plus "hayden told jay that when he and his sister sarah went to the skywalker ranch, they were informed rather sternly that they MUST call george lucas 'dad.'

2006 (all)
Britney crying after baby's incident
Diet Expert Slams Britney Spears For Feeding Son Ice Cream
Morning Show Host and Halle Berry Have 'Racist Moment'
The O.C. season finale aftermath (spoilers and photos)
Which One Would YOU Rather Do!?!?

2007-2017: Huge post under the cutCollapse )

Sources: YouTube, 2 + ONTD archive
Previous editions: May 14

Favorite May 19 throwback post?
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