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ONTD Original: Ten Celebrity Endorsements that were certainly...a choice

Selling out is bound to happen in a celebrities career at some point. The question is, just how far will celebs go to make extra coins to maintain their lavish lifestyles while trying to maintain their dignity? 🤔 Sometimes they lose it long before ~in the Hollywood Hills — but a lot of times they lose it in the public's eye after an endorsement (but let's be real, most of the general public will laugh and then simply move on). As long as the check is cut, cashed, and in the bank several celebs simply don't care. Now I'm well aware that there are several out there but I had to narrow it down to ten here for time and sanity. So keep that in mind and let's take a look at a few celebrity endorsements that made us cringe, sometimes laugh, and were...a choice.

Mary J. Blige — “Burger King's Chicken Wraps”

Ok, let's get this one out of the way because I know people will bring it up in the comments asking where's Mary at? But let me make one thing clear, we're keeping the hateration, holleration in this dancerie to a minimum. You will respect Auntie Mary. She isn't just some OSCAR© Attendee, but she is a goddamn two-time OSCAR© Nominee. And that is something you will acknowledge and respect. Yes, we get it, fast food is gross, you only eat farm to table, drink lemon water, and people who recline their airplane seat in front of you suck etc. But don't look down at those who are occasionally rolling through the BK drive-thru in their Lyft or Uber drunk as hell looking for sustenance to get through and sober up. It happens. Maybe that's why the good sis Mary decided to do this, she's been there. Perhaps she had to fund some recording sessions or music videos, she has a mortgage! Cut Auntie Mary some slack. BK on the other hand, well, they should have known better.

That was...a Choice Rating:
😬😬😬😬 out of Five

Crispy chicken, fresh lettuce, three cheeses, ranch dressing wrapped up in a tasty, flour tortilla...Collapse )

ONTD, would you sell out and what's your price?

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