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Once Upon A Time gets its final happy ending

-After 7 very long years, Once Upon A Time has finally finished its story. We saw the return of The Charmings, Emma/Hook/fake baby, Belle, Granny, the Dwarfs, and OG Henry in the form of Wish!Henry.

-It wasn't a difficult decision to decide Rumples final fate, he finally got over being a coward and stepped up to the plate which helped lead him back to his beloved Belle.

-Rumple giving Hook a transplant was always in the works and Adam/Andrew loved the fact that these two characters who always were in battle with one another would end up saving one another.

-They knew they had to bring back the real Robin in some sort of way and to have the fans hear song sung once more.

-Emma's line "Sorry, I'm Late" was meant to parallel the Evil Queens first appearance when she interrupts the Charmings wedding.

-They have no regrets from the series.

-In the series finale, the series concludes with Regina finally being able to retire her Evil Queen title and replacing it with the title of Good Queen. She is chosen to "rule" over all the land and brings all the fairytale realms to Storybrooke to live together.

-Ginny cried when she read the script and saw that Regina got to become The Good Queen and couldn't stop crying during the scene where she crowns Regina.

-Josh Dallas thinks that it was rightfully deserved.

-JMo thought it was a beautiful message to have the show end on Regina getting her ultimate redemption.

-Lana of course loved it.

-It was a mystery that never got solved until the finale and for goodish reason.

-Maleficents baby daddy remained a secret when her daughter Lily was introduced because they couldn't get the rights to the iconic character.

-So who impregnated Mal? Zorro!

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