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Janet Jackson's 'Janet.' turns 25 today : How the album broke new ground for black female sexuality

-The most iconic/important album of the early 90's. That iconic album cover!
-The album Janet (1993) turns 25 years old today.
-Got Janet the 30 million dollar Virgin Record deal which was the biggest at the time for a female artist
-"By the early Nineties, there was no question that Janet Jackson was up there with Madonna, Prince and her brother Michael as one of pop's true giants."
-"This time around, she wanted to express herself as a woman who felt incredibly comfortable in her own skin and aimed to do so with the poetic justice the topic deserved."
-"When female artists publicly assert their intimate sexual desires, the culture tends to respond with equal parts controversy and praise."
-"She was so vibrant," Rihanna continued. "She had so much energy. She still has power."
Edit: Janet's getting the most prestigious award ever made The Billboard Music Awards ICON award. Britney who?

Source 1- https://twitter.com/RollingStone/status/997494035454550017
Tags: anniversary / birthday, cd / video / home media releases, janet jackson, music / musician (r&b and soul), nostalgia, time warp

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