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Here's the story behind the movie "The Garage" on The Americans

Phillip Jenning's way of coping for the fact that his bussiness and marriage are failing was unexpected, first he went to Stavos (one of his first employees and the one he fired recently) and told him about his problems, then he bought a suit and finally he decided to reconnect with his roots watching a russian film called "The Garage"(Гараж)

That last move was very bold considering they aren't allowed to speak russian, not even to themselves , so his actions were more than surprising, according to Joe Weisberg, his state of mind is complicated because he feels really guilty over his betrayal to Elizabeth but he also feels what he's been forced to do over the years indefensible.

But what's the deal with the russian film The Garage (Гараж)? It's a comedy drected by Eldar Ryazanov about a woman who takes her garage collective after they’ve voted out the least well-connected members. It was released in 1980 and was seen as a satire about a party member taking on the entire corrupt soviet system, president Leonid Brezhnev even banned it, the J's talk a bit about that film , what it means for the show and about some questions we have about Phillip's behavior.

About Phillip's shoping spree

Weisberg says he did due to “tremendous amount of pain and confusion. At that moment, he’s almost as lost as he’s ever been.” What some americans do when they want to feel better? shopping therapy, he knows it's not the right thing to do but he doesn't care about that at the moment because he is doing what many people do while in debt: spending money they don't have.

Why he wanted to reconnect with his russian roots?

Fields says consciously or unconsciously he's been "provoked" by Elizabeth's experiences with spending time with their daughter and Claudia eating russian food, listening to russian music and watching russian films , they talked before about the fact that neither of them know what the russians want because neither of them have been in touch with them/haven't been in Russia for a long time. Phillip rents that movie for two reasons, one in response to that fact and the other in an effort to reconnect with Elizabeth.

Why did he choose that film?

“We don’t want to say too much about what people should think, or how they should interpret it,” Fields says. “For us, that film does a really good job of giving a sense of the complexity of life in the Soviet Union — that it’s not a completely rigid, totalitarian state. This would be quite surprising to Philip, and might inform him, and what he wants to do going forward.”

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What are you going to do when this flawless and amazing show ends ONTD? Also if Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys don't get an emmy... god help us all.

I hope that's better mods !
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