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Mel C on the Spice Girls: "We Get Sick Of Each Other"

- Mel C aka Sporty Spice discussed how there has been on and off plans with the Spice Girls since their reunion tour in 2007/2008: "We get sick of each other and have to have a bit of space... we do love each other but we're like siblings."

- Clears up the rumors how some of the girls got an invitation to the royal wedding but not her. Victoria Beckham subtley confirmed her attendance to the wedding on the James Corden Show, while Mel B was stirring the pot about rumors if the girls were to attend and perform.

- Mel C is NOT going to the wedding.

- Some reports show Emma, Geri, and Victoria are going to the wedding, so idk what Mel B has been thinking.


Tags: interview, royalty / royal family, spice girls, victoria / david beckham

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