Celebrities react to viral racist rant and downfall of New York lawyer Aaron Schlossberg

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  • Earlier this week, a video of a man going on a racist rant in a Fresh Kitchen went viral. And the Internet went in. He was upset because workers at the restaurant were speaking Spanish to customers.
  • The Internet then quickly helped identify the man as Aaron Schlossberg, a 44-year old New York lawyer.
  • This happened before and it'll probably happen again: in 2016, Schlossberg verbally accosted a man from Massachusetts, Willie Morris, on the street after demanding where he was from ("You're an ugly f---ing foreigner. F--- you"). The video has since gone viral again.
  • In response to the Fresh Kitchen rant, two New York Democrats with the state court disciplinary system reported Aaron yesterday.
  • Schlossberg's law firm's Yelp page, after being inundated with negative reviews from those who saw his rants, now has a 1-star rating.
  • He's been kicked out of his office space, which he was renting from Corporate Suites.
  • A reporter confronted him in a Queens courthouse after the rant, but Schlossberg had no comment.

Tomi Lahren: "You can separate policy from people. I would never do that, it's ridiculous."

Sharon Osbourne: "I didn't know that America had a king, but here he is."

Has anyone ever been racist toward you in public, ONTD?