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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo is Showcased, Wreck-It Ralph Announced as a Summon, and Release Date news!

Over the past two days the Kingdom Hearts Premiere Event has been going on in Santa Monica, California where journalists and content creators were invited to try out Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first time in a demo that showcased a boss fight from Olympus (Hercules) against the Rock Titan and a sizable chunk of Toy Box (Toy Story) where you travel from Andy's Room to a new location called Galaxy Toys. Also revealed was a new "link" in the game where you can summon Wreck-It Ralph, which means he won't be getting his own world in KH3 but might very likely be the new world for the mobile game Kingdom Hearts Union Cross. Below the cut is the news from the event and overall gameplay impressions of the demo.


Toy Story

During the event Nomura has said that the release date will be announced "early next month" so keep your eyes out during the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Concert (June 9th) and/or E3 (Square Enix's Presentation- June 11th).

Below are two gameplay impressions from journalists that explore a more in-depth look at the event and demo itself:

The main impression that were left with the people that had the chance to play the demo was that while the game felt familiar to its past predecessors, it is the new signature special attacks that makes KH3 feel unique and fresh. It allows you to mix up new combos and strategies with summons, attraction flows that are inspired from Disney parks, and new keyblade forms/finishers. Also new is the ability to rapidly switch between up to three keyblades just by using the d-pad. Of course there were some issues as well involving frame rates dropping and bad camera angles, especially during the rock titan fight.

  • There were other fun facts that were revealed as well during the event including:

  • There some easter eggs in the Toy Story world regarding Final Fantasy with Rex talking about how he is stuck on a Bahamut boss in a game he is currently playing.

  • Woody is very much out of his element when it comes to understand the classic Kingdom Hearts twists and turns (which we can all relate to)

  • Yosemite National Park influnced the overall feel and aesthetic of Olympus this time around

  • Wreck-It Ralph was originally going to be revealed next month but was decided to put him in the demo for this event

  • The theme for Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be "resolution"

  • The Toy Story keyblade is called "Infinity Badge", Tangled keyblade is "Ever After", and Monster's Inc. is "Smile Gear"

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