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How ‘Barry’ and ‘Killing Eve’ Make ‘Bad Fans’ of Us All

-Two of my favorite show on TV in 2018, other than The Americans centers on very bad people.
-Allison Herman points out,"HBO’s Barry and BBC America’s Killing Eve share a connection more distinctive than good TV made out of bad behavior. That two separate series about contract killers premiered within weeks of each other is one of those strange coincidences enabled by our current surplus of content."
-"These people aren’t even antiheroes. They’re villains we spend a lot of time with and develop affection for—the former by necessity, the latter by design."
-"Bill Hader has expressed discomfort at being told his character gunning down strangers without remorse “was straight-up hot” when it was “supposed to be crazy disturbing.” Over the past few weeks, Tumblr has turned into a Villanelle fan club."
-"Much of Barry’s and Villanelle’s appeal comes from Hader’s and Comer’s tremendous performances: Hader’s melancholic and desperate, Comer’s vivacious and spiteful."
-And yet, the audience still has affection for them, even though they're both bad people who do bad. Also discussion post anyone?!

Source 1: https://twitter.com/ringer/status/997223455207641088
Source 2: https://twitter.com/AaronFlux/status/996250255002812416
Tags: #1, asian celebrities, bill hader, discussion, television - bbc, television promo / stills

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