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Shadowhunters Season 3 MidSeason Finale: Interviews & Cast on Social Media

Showrunners/EPs Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer confirm...
-Clary: is fine (obvs)
-Lilith: is back in Edom and not happy about it, but we WILL be seeing her again
-Jonathan: is back, and he will in 3B be bigger and badder than ever. BUT BUT BUT, he will NOT be played by Will Tudor as previously hypothesised!!
Slavkin confirms: “Will Tudor was Sebastian Verlac [...] So, when Jonathan comes back, he's not going to use the visage that was Will Tudor, he's gonna be his true self. He just came out of the womb, so to speak, and we are gonna see Jonathan as he was genetically born to be, not the visage of Sebastian Verlac. And that's no disrespect to Will. We think he's a remarkable actor, but it would be creatively odd if he showed up and was Sebastian.” ((RUMOURED TO BE LUKE BAINES))
-Valentine: No direct plans to bring Alan Van Sprang back, but the possibility always out there.
-Simon & Izzy: Calls this the “season of Sizzy” regarding Simon and Izzy getting closer. “In 3B, we really explore their relationship in a way we haven’t yet. Sizzy fans worldwide will unite and be really pleased” (Izzy deserves better, but Free Maia 2k18.)
-Magnus: Asmodeus will be back in 3B in a larger role, and there’ll be much more of Magnus’ backstory and relationship with his father, and the love that there still is between them (supposedly); ALSO the show will “explore a Magnus Bane without magic, without immortality. His arc in 3B is one of the best things we've done on the show and Harry Shum commits in a deep way.”
-Malec: Now they’re both mortal, things get intense and their “relationship continues to evolve in a really interesting, heartbreaking, beautiful way.”
-Luke: goes through a ‘metamorphosis’ in 3B and an ‘incredible journey’ as he fully goes under NYPD investigation.
-Maia: she’s back! And she really steps up in 3B at the Jade Wolf, Slavkin infers she’ll be the new Alpha.

And only 2 seconds into their relationship, wow those crazy kids move fast!

Valentine missed us <3

The Queen of Edom heads on home :(

And say hello to PAPA BANE, Jack Yang as Asmodeus!

jackyangactor Father and son in Edom. BTS playing around on the set of last nights episode of Shadowhunters. It was so much fun to act with Harry and play his father. Thank you to all the Shadowhunters fans for your love and all the warm welcomes! You make a demon want to cry 😭 you fill the hole that use to house my heart ❤️ thank you 😊

See you all August 14th! ➰💖➰💖

Sources: Todd Slavkin, Anna Hopkins, Alan Van Sprang, Kat McNamara, 2, 3, Matt Daddario, Jack Yang Insta, TVLine Twitter, TV Insider Twitter, ShumDario News

How are you going to survive until August 14th without your weekly dose of supernatural escapism, cheesiness and pretty people saying stuff, ONTD ShadowFam?

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