Meghan Markle releases a statement about her father

Yesterday, Thomas Markle went running to TMZ again because that's clearly all he can do, and told them his heart surgery went successfully. Then her half-sister, Samantha, was in a car accident (her boyfriend is claiming that paps were chasing them and ran but that's currently unverifiable) and broke her ankle. It's also rumored that Meghan's nephews and former sister-in-law - who are in London! - lost their TV jobs.

In happier news, it's reported that Elton John will perform but it's currently unclear when.

Samantha Markle, due to commentate on the wedding herself, was hospitalized yesterday with a possible broken accident after a car accident.

Meanwhile, Thomas Markle spoke directly to TMZ again. He blamed his oldest son's open letters for the supposed heart attack.

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