Disturbing New Details About Allison Mack and NXIVM

The Hollywood Reporter has published an in-depth look at Allison Mack's involvement with the sex cult NXIVM. Among their findings:

* NXIVM leader Keith Raniere studied Scientology and its tactics in an effort to make NXIVM more attractive to celebrities and get it recognized as an official church.

* A letter that DOJ officials sent to a federal judge says that Raniere had a "history of sexual assault and other abuse of girls and women" dating back to the 1980s. This included two alleged instances where he had sex with a 12-year-old girl and a 15-year-old. "Keith said to me multiple times that it was OK for little girls to pleasure their fathers sexually. He thought that was fine," says one of his former harem members.

* Raniere told the women in his harem that they were all connected to each other through his sperm, says a former member of the harem: "If one woman is having an issue, it hurts Keith, and if he's hurting, you're hurting. So if you do something he doesn't like, you get an army of women, sister wives, coming after you. You get ostracized. No one wants to socialize with you unless you get back in line."

* Women in Raniere's harem were allowed only 900 calories a day of food and had to report their weight daily. He once told the group that Oprah Winfrey was not an ethical person because she was fat.

* Two weeks ago, NXIVM doctor and Raniere disciple Brandon Porter was charged with violating medical research laws; he was performing experiments on people by making them watch horrifically violent rape and snuff films while he filmed them.

* A woman who spoke to two of Mack's personal "slaves" (there were approximately 50 female sex slaves in NXIVM) says: "These slaves said Mack was incredibly intimidating, cruel and punitive", threatening to release the collateral she had gathered on them if they didn't have sex with Raniere. "You made a lifetime vow!" she says Mack screamed at them. "She berated them and told them they were worth nothing, that they were weak and couldn't uphold their word. She told them that they would be destroyed if they dated other men, left the group or refused to have sex with Raniere."