Sasha Pieterse promoting the Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Spin Off

• Is excited that she won't be playing a teenager anymore and looks forward to playing a more "adult figure."

• Can't reveal if Allison will appear with her twin children in the pilot. She looks to someone off the set (probably Marlene) and says she doesn't want to get I. Marlene King mad and get fired. (Sis, blink twice if you're being held against your will to film this mess).

• Interviewer mentions that in the PLL finale, Mona and Allison were not the best of friends and we last see Mona in Paris. Wants to know how that is explained in the pilot. Allison responds that there's this funny dynamic between the two and they'll be allies of sorts, but that Allison still doesn't completely trust Mona.

• Cannot say if there will be any cameos from the PLL's themselves.

• Shot the pilot/show in Portland, OR.

• Picks up two years after the events from the Pretty Little Liars finale and is darker.

• Says the pilot is "awesome."

• Says don't worry, there's hope for the Emison fans.

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