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Riverdale Roundup: More Season Finale Stills, Compliment Battle, and More

The Riverdale season finale is upon us! And no matter what cliffhanger the show tries to pull, the greatest mystery will be if they can put themselves back on track over the summer



Charles Melton (Reggie) and Hart Denton (Chic) participate in a compliment battle


Is a Pretty Little Liars cast member going to join Riverdale next season? Guess we'll find out over the coming weeks. Hint: IT'S NOT LUCY HALE


Casey works out in a Riverdale t-shirt. This is most likely for his mascot film where he plays a high school quarterback who becomes a mascot in college after losing his scholarship

And he's attended EW & People's upfronts party. The CW's schedule for next season won't be announced until Thursday

Also, a few weeks ago he and his brother, Corey Cott, sang for Stephen Schwartz' birthday


According to Forbes, all that unhealthy online interaction that the cast has to do with fans on IG helps out in the long run in terms of catapulting the show's online presence and building its messy brand

-The show has a 4.0 in the 18-49 demographic, and still barely gets above 1 million live viewers which is high for the CW.

-Basically points out the obvious in how certain actors have amassed millions of followers since the show started

-Claudine Cazian, head of entertainment partnerships at Instagram: “For casts on shows like Riverdale, it’s important because their main audience is on Instagram. They’re opening up the app 30, 40 times a day. They’re using Instagram to talk to their fans in really unique ways. They’re talking about not only the projects they’re doing but their lives. All of the stars of Riverdale, these are multi-hyphenate stars who are showcasing all the facets of their life on Instagram first. I think of promo windows as out the door. They’re sharing in real time 365 days a year. They’re sharing the personal moments and the highlights. There is no barrier.”


In an article about why network tv is in trouble since younger viewers have more options rather than sitting down for "appointment television", it turns out that Riverdale is the show with the lowest median age of viewers at 37.2

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