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Westworld's co-creator Lisa Joy confirms Logan's sexuality (duh) + more

Lisa Joy, co-creator, executive producer, and director of HBO's Westworld, did a Reddit AMA ("Ask Me Anything") where she answered fan questions about the show, her career, and more. Most importantly, she confirmed for the blind straights that Logan Delos (Ben Barnes) is bisexual.

This might seem obvious, but many overlooked both his subtle (S1) and explicit (S2) interest in men. What's the male version of gal pals?

Season 1, Episode 2
LOGAN: What? It's not like my sister didn't ride her share of cowboys when she was here.

Season 1, Episode 2 #2

Season 2, Episode 2

More from the AMA
I've left out some interesting ones that might spoil newer episodes and paraphrased for brevity.

Q: How did attending calculus camp inform your approach to directing?
A: Calculus camp paid off because a somewhat mathematical brain in thinking about camera angles and such is helpful. The unsexy part of direction also involves a lot of basic but important math when planning days, the complexity of shots, etc. to make your budget. Also, I got my first kiss in calculus camp which was instrumental in inspiring hundreds of bad poems which paved my way to being a writer.

Q: What is your favorite one-liner from the whole show?
A: "What door?"

Q: How far ahead have you planned the story?
A: Our philosophy from the beginning was to lay out the major tentpole moments while working on the pilot. We needed to plan out the journey for several seasons in order to know where to begin. But obviously you can't -- and wouldn't want to -- plan everything. But then you don't want to be dogmatic about it.  If you find a storyline or a character situation that you didn't expect you want to have the latitude to lean into that.

Q: Are you ever in awe of just how talented [these actors] are?
A: Every fucking day.

Q: How and why did you transition into screenwriting/directing after practicing law? What was that like?
A: Terrifying. I quit my job at a consulting firm when I was stationed in Silicon Valley and had to fly myself back to LA and start on my first show. I'd never been in a writers room and had no idea what to expect. The show was "Pushing Daisies" and I was staffed based on a spec I wrote while studying for the bar exam. I remember calling my mom and reassuring her: "everything's going to be fine. It's a REAL writing job. I'll have health insurance and everything. What could possibly go wrong?" Couple months later -- writer's strike. Ooops.

Lots more at the source (+source 2).

Just an excuse to talk bisexual Logan and post Ben Barnes gifs tbh.

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