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Today on The View: Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart is on today! They discuss Martha as the new recurring judge on the show 'Chopped', and her judging style. They discuss Martha's new project 'Martha Stewarts Pets'. She has hundred of animals including 250 chickens. They discuss dogs and Joy's dog's very naughty behavior of taking her undergarments and clothing items and leaving them all over her apartment. Then there's a quick shot of Martha's dogs and they are so adorable!! The chow-chow is so floofy!!!!!!! Then Martha does a 'best pet' between Sunny's chickens and Joy's dog. Joy's dog, named Bernie Sanders, is so precious omg. He has his own instagram BernieBehar. Sunny has 4 hens - Emme, Lolo, Atila and Henrietta. Hostins_hens is the hens instagram account. Those hens are actually real cute too. The video and fun loving passive aggressiveness btwn Joy & Sunny is hilarious, esp as Sunny bribes the judges with fresh eggs.

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Tags: politics, television - abc, the view (abc)

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