Piers Morgan Spars With Meghan Markle's Half-Sister

In a Good Morning Britain interview this morning, Piers Morgan faced off with Samantha Markle, the half-sister of royal bride Meghan Markle.

Samantha said that her father was stalked and harassed by paparazzi who rented the house next door to his in Mexico, and described him "panicking on the freeway because he was in a dangerous situation being followed by seven or eight cars. There have been examples in history of how dangerous that can be" she said, in an apparent allusion to the death of Princess Diana.

Morgan said that Thomas Markle has "badly let [Meghan] down" by staging paparazzi photos "knowing that both she and Prince Harry would be horrified", and Samantha replied that he was trying to defend himself from the tabloids deliberately printing unflattering photos of him and that should be respected.

Morgan retorted "We don't respect it coming from a woman who's been trading off her very tenuous connection with Meghan Markle, who's had one conversation with her in ten years, and who's been popping up on the world's airwaves making a lot of money for herself and is now doing a book called The Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister."

"You called her narcissistic, selfish, you said that Hollywood changed her and that she shouldn't be with Prince Harry and the royal family should be aware of how appalling she is. Some might say it's pretty rich of you, Samantha Markle, to come on television and blame media vultures.”

Samantha claimed: "I've said lovely things about her, but if there was a situation or behavior that I questioned, I was honest and fair".
She said that tabloids have also printed that Prince Charles wants to wear his mother's clothes but that doesn't make it true and insisted that tabloids have "twisted" and "embellished" her words.