ONTD Original: 10 WLW pop anthems

What with Girls by those not that big but sooo talented artists feat. Cardi B being a disappointment on multiple levels, let's jam to some legit wlw pop tunes.


Epic video, great song, the emergence of a new celeb couple we're not even worthy of.

Tegan and Sara went full pop with their last two albums but have kept their trademark heart on sleeve lyrics.

A god damn banger about crushing on everyone around you

Marit is str8 but this song, written for Pride in 2009, is an excellent example of her trademark mini pop operas.

Lesbian Jesus has been unfavd ever since Rita stans went spelunking through her social media and dug up anti-black tweets, hopefully she'll address it soon and also release a vid for this bop

Odd Future alum Syd tha Kyd uses her best seductive croon to make us ha girl


The sweet friends-to-lovers lyrics and bizarrely effective Spice/TLC crossover made this a Xena fanvid fave back in the day.

Everyone thought for sure after this love song professing a taste for the cherry Demi would be the latest pop girl to come out as bi but that went nowhere

Charli chants "I just wanna get high with my best friend, kiss her on my tongue just like I'm your boyfriend" over a hazy Art of Noise beat and it comes across about a million times more sincere than her Girls verse

A deliberately unspecific and very pure lyric which could be about a lover or best friend -the effervescent affection is undeniable.

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