Is there a trend of black men marrying white women à la Donald Glover?

according to the video:

  • basically there's been a small controversy (on twitter, primarily) over Donald Glover's white wife. Referenced in this ontd post.

  • black men are more than twice as likely as black women to marry someone outside of their own race.

  • lists multiple black male artists (e.g. Jordan Peele) who are married/dating white women.

  • comments that some black men treat dating or marrying a white woman as a prize/something to aspire to.

  • they are not here for 'canceling' Donald Glover because he married a white woman, as they state if they canceled every black man who did so, they might run out of people to stan.

source: tweet

what are y'all thoughts?
also is she white? a few people on here said she's filipino (which i tried briefly googling, found nothing). why isn't he getting any think pieces on his past rape jokes or comments about asian women tbh?