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Taika Waititi Talks 'Jojo Rabbit,' 'Bubbles,' 'Thor,' and 'What We Do in the Shadows' TV Spin-off

- the beautiful and talented Kiwi director did a forum at Cannes and discussed several of his projects
- on 'Bubbles': "I always wanted to do a side project while making other films. It’s the fascinating and hilarious story of Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee, the life and times. We’re all fascinated by Michael, but what about the characters on the periphery? No one ever asks about Bubbles and how he felt during that time."
- Netflix acquired 'Bubbles' last year; it is to be stop-motion animation
- on the 'What We Do in the Shadows' tv spin-off: "It’s the same universe, but different characters. It’s like a documentary crew in New York found this new bunch of vampires."
- stars Kayvan Novak (Danger Mouse), Matt Berry (Toast of London), Natasia Demetriou (Year Friends) and Harvey Guillen (The Thundermans); Waititi will not be appearing onscreen and will likely have limited involvement
- on 'Thor: Ragnarok': "Thor was such huge comfort shift, and something I was not prepared for at all. But with my smaller films, I wasn’t feeling very challenged; I wasn’t feeling out of my comfort zone."
- was surprised by the jokes Kevin Feige allowed into the film and that executives did not often visit the set (the film was shot in Australia), but realized that anything could have been changed in post-production
- on 'Jojo Rabbit': "It’s really upbeat fun, it’s a heartfelt, dark comedy, I didn’t even have to pitch it to Fox Searchlight. It’s really hard to pitch WWII movies, and then you say, don’t worry, it’s going to be funny.”
- 'Jojo Rabbit' will start shooting in two weeks in Prague, and stars Scarlett Johansson and Sam Rockwell

Because idr seeing news on Sam Rockwell's casting, here's some bonus info on that, as well as a bit more information on 'Jojo Rabbit' in general:

- Rockwell plays a Nazi captain who runs a Hitler Youth camp, joining Johansson as Jojo's mother and Waititi as an imaginary version of Adolf Hitler
- "The story centers on Jojo, a young boy who longs to be part of the Hitler Youth and whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler. He discovers a Jewish girl living in his attic and, after initially trying to find ways to get rid of her, begins to see her as human"


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