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10 Most Brutal and Punishing Character Beat Downs In Horror

House of wax

Get cut through his achilles tendon with large shears, turned into a wax figure by getting painfully prepped for a scalding hot wax shower, his friend Dalton finds him and tried to remove the wax only to discover that the wax have fused to his skin and instead removes a pice of his skin, also get a big chunk of his skin cut of by the killer, possible burned alive as well.

Wade Felton – House of Wax (2005)

111 1111

Drugged, injected with paralytic agents so he can't movie but can still feel every bit of the torture. Needles in his eyes and unhurried piano wire amputations

Shigeharu Aoyama – Audition (1999)

the loved ones

His voice box injected with bleach, pelted with rocks, his feet are nailed to the floor with knives, and initials are carved into his chest, get drilled in the head with a drilling machine.

Brent – The Loved Ones (2009)

evil dead

Stabbed in the shoulder with a piece off glass, stabbed repeatedly with a syringe needle in the face, beaten with a crow bar, multiple nail gun injuries and stabbed in the chest with a box cutter.

Eric – Evil Dead (2013)

Martyrss Martyrs
Martyrsss Martyrssss

Beaten, degraded, and inhumanely tormented on repeat for an unbearable length of time and eventually being flayed alive.

Anna Assaoui – Martyrs (2008)


What's the worst/most brutal movie beat down/death you've seen??
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