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It's time we stopped speculating about Shawn Mendes’ sexuality

• Mentions the Met Gala clip where Shawn Mendes see's Troye Sivan on the white carpet and hugs him. Points out that this inoffensive interaction between the two was quickly turned into a meme in a long running gag that the singer is closeted.

• The author admits to sharing a few giggles with friends over the Mendes memes and his particular favorite is the single tweet Mendes posted back in 2012 that simply read “Tea <3.”

• Says what's troublesome is that it's not straight people in middle America suggesting Mendes is gay or who are cracking these jokes, but that it's gay men.

• On the flipside, they point out we can look at this as a simple “harmless running joke among gay men, something to kiki about over Sunday brunch.”

• Points out the major problem with a lot of these memes is that it suggests Mendes is an effeminate gay and that he is not “masc,” and that's a problem.

• If someone straight was doing this, we'd argue that they were outing them and their sexuality wasn't anybody's business. Just because gay men have walked that road doesn't give them the right or a pass to do the same to others.

• Understands that humor is the way of the gays and is used as a coping mechanism, especially in Trump's America today. But that it shouldn't come at Shawn's expense because he hasn't asked for any of this.

• Mentions the singer's 2016 video where he addressed the rumors around him and points out that the memes still keep coming.

• Ends by saying that this only shows how cruel and problematic our own community can be and that we should strive to do better.

ONTD, do you agree or disagree?

Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Tags: lgbtq / rights, music / musician (pop), shawn mendes

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