Lena Dunham talks loneliness after breakup and independence


Lena Dunham opened up recently about her breakup with Jack Antonoff, who was her partner for over five years. It was a hard time going back to loving being single for her.

"We sat in our shared kitchen of nearly four years and quietly faced each other, acknowledging what nobody wanted to say,” Dunham wrote in an essay for Vogue. During the process, she had to love being single again.

"For an exquisite moment, rather than mourn the loss of my partner, I mourned the loss of my bravery,” Dunham said. “I used to have no problem staring into the face of the hostess [in a restaurant] when I said, ‘Just one for dinner, thank you.'” To help get back to her normal self, she would take long baths, read poetry books, go back to restaurants solo, and eventually moved out of her parent's place.

Since the breakup, the two remained in close contact during Lena's hysterectomy. He took the home they shared in Brooklyn when she moved in with her parents. No word on anything about Lorde.

Ontd, are you single? Are you enjoying the single life?