Spotify removes R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from promoted playlists

In response to #MuteRKelly, Spotify has decided to remove R. Kelly from any promoted or sponsored playlists, recommendations, and ads. Spotify says that it will not censor or remove any artists' music, but it will stop promoting any content if it or the creator is involved in especially harmful or hateful. They have decided to remove XXXTentacion from playlists as well. XXXTentacion's management replied questioning why other artists' accused of assault have not been removed as well.

50 Cent says that Spotify is wrong because R. Kelly and XXXTentacion haven't been convicted of anything.

Source: Twitter 1, 2

50 Cent is acting like Spotify is removing their music when all they're doing is removing them from promoted playlists. XXXTentacion's management clearly doesn't care about assault, but Spotify should remove those others artists from promoted playlists too. Ideally, their music would be removed entirely, but that would probably cause lots of legal trouble.