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Adam Pally and his Happy Endings co-stars don't know how to feel about Kanye West + more

• Cancelled television shows you say? During PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing, Adam Pally mentioned Kanye West and talked about seeing him live (twice) during the Pablo tour while sitting down and commenting on a Halloween themed episode of Happy Endings.

• “Those people are my friends so it's like looking at that makes me feel the same way as Ysketball. Like I talk to Damon [Wayans Jr.]. I’ve been on the phone with Damon for almost twenty-four hours about this Kanye thing. Yeah, I mean we are heartbroken. We don’t know what to do.”

• The interviewer asks, so Damon is a big Kanye fan? “Oh yeah, we went to see the Pablo tour twice together. Yeah, and that was the funnest moment ever when we were recognized together in the pit of the Pablo tour. People were just like so happy it was awesome because people were like 'Oh my god! They're together!' And jumping, and then there was like a whole crowd of Happy Endings fans like jumping around to Kanye, it was like a really surreal amazing moment.”

• Pally concludes: “Casey and I have been talking about it. We were on the phone about it until two in the morning last night.”

• In other, for the love of God let it die news: Happy Endings: The Complete Series is coming to Blu-Ray! Back in 2011 and 2013, Sony released all three seasons individually as well as the first two seasons together and only on DVD. Mill Creek Entertainment has just announced all three seasons together for the first time on Blu-Ray scheduled for release on August 7th 2018.

• For $49.98 USD you can have and own the six disc Blu-Ray set in all its high-definition Glory.rar

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