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The Exorcist showrunner describes what we may have seen in a season 3


News came today that The Exorcist was cancelled along with 99 other shows, disappointing a fanbase that probably wasn't represented in Nielsen ratings. In season 2, we got to see Marcus' on-screen gay kiss, setting the show apart that they were not caricatures and featuring a diverse cast.

Showrunner, Jeremy Slater, shared that were a lot of fun options going forward.

Marcus' divine moment: He knows Tomas is in trouble, getting a message from God, but doesn't know where he is yet.

Marcus' hunt for Tomas using the underground: He'd be encountering a lot of different people all fighting the same fight (Shamans, rabbis, people of different faiths) since he can't trust the compromised church anymore.

Marcus and Tomas' reunion: It wouldn't happen in the very beginning, but it would be a big reunion.

Tomas and Mouse's relationships: Marcus was very protective of Tomas, but Mouse sees him more as a potentially controllable weapon of war.

Flipping the sacred script: Tomas would be the main exorcist, while Marcus would be the one looking for him.

Flashbacks: There's 6 months unaccounted for when they are apart, so it would show what happened in that time frame.

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