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Does Solo: A Star Wars Story Have A Sex Scene Between Han and Qi'ra?

– Last week, Jonathon Kasdan talked about how "Young Han" was an opportunity to have him be "truly attracted" to a woman, since Han is the "least chaste" character in the franchise his father worked on that he's never seen I guess, prompting fans to wonder what he meant beyond HAN FUCKS.
– With the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story last night, reviewers are keeping tight-lipped on specific spoilers, but a few twitters have mentioned Han (Alden Emmerich) and Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) having a sex scene in it, or at least alluding to a sex scene. Without going into spoilers, the canon novel Last Shot reveals that Han cared for Qi'ra greatly, after which he would go on to meet, you know, Leia.
– Solo has a PG-13 rating for sequences of sci-fi action/violence. But lest we forget, Revenge of the Sith was also rated PG-13 for "intense images", referring to, of course, Anakin murdering children via holograms. Could Solo be Lucasfilm's chance to raunch up the Star Wars universe?

ONTD, do you believe the truth is out there? What's the point of a Han Solo movie if Han and Lando aren't the ones with a sex scene?

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