Does Solo: A Star Wars Story Have A Sex Scene Between Han and Qi'ra?

– Last week, Jonathon Kasdan talked about how "Young Han" was an opportunity to have him be "truly attracted" to a woman, since Han is the "least chaste" character in the franchise his father worked on that he's never seen I guess, prompting fans to wonder what he meant beyond HAN FUCKS.
– With the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story last night, reviewers are keeping tight-lipped on specific spoilers, but a few twitters have mentioned Han (Alden Emmerich) and Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke) having a sex scene in it, or at least alluding to a sex scene. Without going into spoilers, the canon novel Last Shot reveals that Han cared for Qi'ra greatly, after which he would go on to meet, you know, Leia.
– Solo has a PG-13 rating for sequences of sci-fi action/violence. But lest we forget, Revenge of the Sith was also rated PG-13 for "intense images", referring to, of course, Anakin murdering children via holograms. Could Solo be Lucasfilm's chance to raunch up the Star Wars universe?

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ONTD, do you believe the truth is out there? What's the point of a Han Solo movie if Han and Lando aren't the ones with a sex scene?

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