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Ten of the Best Moments of Dear White People (Season 2)

The second season of Dear White people was released two weeks ago. Let's look at some of the best moments!


Volume 2, Chapter I

Quote: "Fuck these people, Jo. They don't get to do this."
What happens: Sam breaks down after the troll 'AltIvyW' escalates his racist attacks against her.


Volume 2, Chapter II

Quote: "I've been having this on my mind for a long time."
What happens: Joelle confesses her feelings to Reggie and gets her heart broken.


Volume 2, Chapter IV

Quote: "Is Coco Conners here?"
What happens: Coco finds out she is pregnant and daydreams about child she would raise, the life she would live as a single mother. She still decides to go through with the abortion.

Volume 2, Chapter V

Quote: "Oh, let's take down the black man."
What happens: Joelle's budding romance with another student comes to an abrupt end when he reveals his bigoted opinions.

Volume 2, Chapter III

Quote: "Thank god for cell phones, huh?"
What happens: Lionel gets dragged from one Pride party to the next, but struggles to feel at ease - until he meets Wesley.


Volume 2, Chapter VIII

Quote: "You're so full of shit, Gabe. You think you're coming at this from some objective, journalistic place and you're not."
What happens: Sam and Gabe have a heated discussion about the alt-right scene and white allyship to black causes. Gabe views Sam as partly responsible for the rising racial tensions.


Volume 2, Chapter VII

Quote: "I've led you to water, but do not drink. People pee in fountains. You, specifically."
What happens: Troy takes drugs and embarks on a quest to find his path in life, which ends with him with talking to the surprisingly wise Sorbet.


Volume 2, Chapter X

Quote: "My brother got me a job on the force. Watch your speed, Walter."
What happens: Dean Fairbanks finally manages to fire the security guard who drew a gun on Reggie. The guard is unfazed, however, as he has just been hired by the police - turning Fairbanks's victory into a chilling defeat.

Volume 2, Chapter VI

Quote: "Why?"
What happens: Lionel figures out the identity of AltIvyW.

Volume 2, Chapter X

Quote: "Well, uh, you'll like at least the start of my speech."
What happens: Right-wing pundit Rikki Carter doesn't get quite the reception at Winchester that she expected.

What's not so great?

  • The writers mistakenly assume that college kids use an abundance of abbreviations, which obvi makes for some cringe-worthy dialogue.

  • The canted angle is overly utilized in some episodes, which diminishes its effect and feels grating.

  • Sam and Gabe work best separately, and any moment of them rekindling their feelings seems unnecessary and stale.

  • While the episode about the death of Sam's father is well shot, it's also the most disconnected from all other episodes. At a moment where the narrative should pick up steam, the viewer is taken away from Winchester and the larger ensemble cast.

  • Troy's affair with the professor - and the subsequent blackmailing - came out of nowhere and went nowhere.

Sources: me

What did you like best? What do you want to see in the third season?
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