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Former Chicago Detective J.J. Bittenbinder isn't Amused by John Mulaney's New Netflix Special

-John Mulaney dedicated about ten minutes in his latest standup special Kid Gorgeous to J.J. Bittenbinder, an eccentric retired Chicago cop who use to visit schools to give a presentation about how to avoid stranger danger.

-During a short interview with the Chicago Tribune, Bittenbinder said he "didn't appreciate" Mulaney making fun of his last name which really means barrel-maker in German. Bittenbinder says this is an "honorable profession that my ancestors used to do."

-In addition Bittnebinder takes umbrage with Mulaney describing him as wearing a big cowboy hat with a three piece suit because, "You don’t wear a three-piece suit with a cowboy hat. That just doesn’t work. Doesn't look good."

-Bittenbinder says Mulaney mixed up his presentation to children and his presentation to adults. In particular, the portion in which Mulaney claims that Bittenbinder suggested to children that they carry around a money clip with $50 in it to throw at potiential kidnappers. According to Bittenbinder, the money clip tip was part of his adult presentations.

-Ultimately, Bittenbinder says that "If I talked to him when he was 7 or 8 and he still remembers some of that stuff, it must have gotten through to him."

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