Azealia Banks Stops by The Breakfast Club, Puts Foot in Mouth

  • Azealia Banks finally got what she wanted, an interview on the Breakfast Club to express her opinions on everything. While there are a lot of good things in this interview, Azealia would follow them up with some more glaring ignorance.

  • Azealia discussed why she voted for Donald Trump: "I like my racists racist. I took a chance on an outsider and at least I got a tax break out of it."

  • She also said that she would never vote for Hillary Clinton because it's a win for white women only and white women didn't need another win, since they win every single day. She also called Hillary a covert racist and said she would rather vote for someone who is honest in their racism than someone is calling her an N word behind closed doors.

  • She also discussed her dislike of Cardi B and how Cardi B is bringing the black women down. She talks about how we were just coming off intelligent conversations with Beyonce's Lemonade and then Cardi B came along "Stupid and illiterate" and her stripper image is bringing black women down.

  • She says Cardi B being the hottest female rapper right now is a joke because we shouldn't be rewarding her stupidity when so may few female rappers get the chance she is getting.

  • She stans out for Nicki Minaj throughout the interview.

  • She calls out RZA, calls him a coon for siding with Russell Crowe. She says RZA siding with Russell Crowe over the assault made their movie flop.

  • She said RZA isn't the man he puts himself out to be and he's a massive cokehead, always strung out and desperate for money.

  • She also said people should forget her past indiscretions because she was at a different point in her life and not in the right mind and she should be allowed to have another chance.

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