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Star Wars roundup: 'Solo' red carpet premiere tonight

The world premiere of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

In anticipation of tonight's premiere, some Star Wars fans spent the night on Hollywood Blvd alongside a replica of the iconic Millenium Falcon. You can see exclusive red carpet interviews with cast and crew from the comfort of your own home by visiting or the Star Wars Youtube channel at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT.


Official videos

Bobby Moynihan helped create the Star Wars-themed SNL sketch "Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base," which featured Adam Driver playing Kylo Ren pretending to be a radar technician.

He says: "It's the best. We were so excited to have Adam Driver come in that week, he could not have been cooler, it was just the best. Just watching him getting into Kylo Ren. Right before one of the shots, he was like, 'Can I have a second?' and started punching himself in the stomach in the corridor and I was like, 'That is the coolest thing in the world.'"

[Matt the Radar Technician]

The following video debunks a popular fan theory.

[Potential spoilers]Because an actor for the role of Enfys Nest was never officially announced and the villain was rumored to be female, many fans thought Emilia Clarke's Qi'ra would turn out to be Enfys in the end. Seeing Enfys and Qi'ra together puts an end to that.


Video Interviews


Throwbacks Interviews

"Are you looking forward to watching a Han Solo movie as a fan?"
"Not really."

"This is the only franchise where you go on Twitter and they say, 'If such and such happens, I am so out!' So now they're speculating about things they don't want to see."



Composer John Powell posted the titles of the movie's soundtrack (though we can't be sure whether they are in order): "In addition to John Williams' brilliant tune for Han, I got five new themes + many other motifs/riffs joining the Galaxy Far, Far Away in Solo: A Star Wars Story! Now...guess/discuss!"

Some fans think they can figure out the plot based on the soundtrack:



Clarke: Han and Chewie are the ultimate bromance (source)

In this short interview, Emilia Clarke (Qi'ra) says:

  • Han and Qi'ra grew up together

  • Han is sometimes stupid opportunist without a plan

  • Han and Chewie are the epitome of friends forever

  • The film retains the spirit of the originals

  • Ron Howard loves the movie and was a joy to work with

New Star Wars book takes fans to Batuu (source)

Debuting this fall, Flight of the Falcon is a collection of stories that revolve around the Millenium Falcon. The series stars Bazine Netal, recognizable from the cantina scene in The Force Awakens, while she tries to hunt down the ship--learning about its history in the process.

Creative Director for Lucasfilm Publishing Michael Siglain says, “These tales take us from a time just before Solo: A Star Wars Story, when Lando and L3 had the Falcon, through the original trilogy, and into the new trilogy, ending on the incredible world of Batuu."

Batuu is a new planet created for the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge themed lands currently under construction at Disneyland and Disney World.


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