Rita Moreno Spils the Old Hollywood Tea, Speaks on Marlon Brando: "He Slayed Me Good"

•Hooked up with Marlon Brando for eight years on-and-off. "He slayed me good because he was the king of everything. Everything. He was one of the most sexual people on earth."
•The day after Rita found another woman's lingerie at Brando's house, Elvis Presley's manager called to set them up.
•When Brando found out about Rita's date with Elvis, he was furious and threw chairs.
•Who was the better lover? Brando. "[Elivs] was a sweet fella. Handsome boy. But Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley? C'mon. Amateur night."
•Wendy did not inquire about Brando's same-sex escapades.
Old Hollywood tea post! Who is your Old Hollywood crush, ONTD?