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Britney Spears is super shy and uses her onstage Alter Ego to combat against it.

Queen B was interviewed recently while gearing up to take her "Britney: Piece of Me" on a world tour!

title or description
(photo by me, taken 10/16/2018)

Highlights from the interview:

- Talks about her workout videos with her boo Sam Asghari, and says he's a perfectionist, and they had to film it 40ish times to get it right.
- Talks about how most of her Instagram videos are filmed by her son, Sean Preston.
- Talks about how she is stepping up her workouts to be more extreme while preparing for her tour.
- Talks about how she's very shy, to the point of it being unhealthy, but being on stage helps her come out of her shell.
- Says she thinks it's healthy to put on a persona of confidence, even if you're not confident.
- Tour starts on July 12, 2018 in Washington D.C.!

Click to read full article.
ONTD, are you shy? Do you have an alter ego to help you combat your shyness?
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